Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New look. New Vission.

Been too busy so far. Lot of things to do and got no time to update any kind of post on this creature.
Well, nobody cares actually. 
But it get bored to be with tons of assignment, quizzes, tests, and some matter to be handle. I desperately need time to have a rest. I sleep wherever and whenever i could. And now the torment just ended. All the assignment had been submitted. 

And eid holiday just begin.

All I can say is nothing when it comes to Raya holiday. I'm not going back to my hometown and just celebrate raya here with some stranger that love me at the most. I've read somebody I adore much quoted 'Sometimes family like stranger, and sometimes stranger like family.' I agreed with no doubt. Even they have no bloodties with me, they still concern about either i'm doing fine or not. Lately i'm being too obvious on social web and shows all my weaknesses and the broken inside me. They came and give me a positive feedback to stay strong. To still get a grip. I never expected there are still kindhearted homo-sapien live in this cruel world. I love them. And I don't want to lose and forget them. Not only them, there are also a lot of strangers come to my blog and response on my post. Thanks to them for the warmth advice. 

For some unknown reason I stop to blame God for not answering my prays and start count all His blessings. I realize that even how hard live treats you, the story will just goes on. Either to follow the story or just be left out and missed out all the joy. I decided to just accept all what God had planned for me. And hope that it  can be my answer in front of God why i'm not being like any other 'pendakwah-pendakwah hebat' outside there. 

As you can see, i've changed my blog design, my blog tittle and my blog url. I changed my blog tittle to 'SUPERHUMAN' with the hope I can really be a Superstrong girl in the world. Please do raise your hand and make a du'as for Palestinian which fight to save their land. Which fight for their Aqidah. And please do sedekahkan Alfatihah for my friend's father that just leave us, also to the victim of MH17 tragedy.

And please make a du'a for me to.
To get my happy family back.
Happy holiday people.

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