Monday, 18 January 2016

19 days passed since it started.

Honestly, a piece of me was not ready yet to face 2016.
But its already 19 days passed since it started. 

Back then, when my housemate and I celebrating and welcoming 2015, I thought  starting a new year will be the best thing ever to leave all the miserable things behind. I thought it will be so good as i imagined -- but no, it all scattered. 

Since that, it is nightmare to welcome a new year. No fireworks. No pizza. And no softdrink. All I did just locked myself in a room with a piece of paper and pen. I jotted down everything that I want in 2016. Everything I dont wanna lose. And everything that I want to rebuild. 

For this 19 days pass, 
Everything was just fine even it is not as well as I have planned.
I got one jobe interview to attend, and many job application to be send. 
I hope before this Mac, I can get a job. 

But still, I am scare to death to welcome a new day. 

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