Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Congratulation Faiz Subri!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. 

Yes, this blog have been neglected for a very long time due to lack of idea and had no topic to write. Its not that i don't even open this website try to post anything. 
I do try to write something but end up only with a draft. 

I am not an expert to write in English but I make this blog as my medium to practice. Well, practice make perfect.

This recent weeks, i learn how to actively blogging and how to find idea to write a post. Then, one of the articles that i have read said that as a blogger we need to alert with any recent issues. Write any thoughts or any views on that issue. 

Posting about recent issues not only gives you an idea on what to write. But it is also increase your blog traffic. 

So, here I am, write up about Faiz Subri. 
The first Malaysian footballer that awarded the PUSKAS FIFA AWARD. 

So, who is actually this Faiz Subri? 
He is a footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Penang FA. Honestly, I never heard his name before, since i never interested in any sports especially football game. But he is getting well known for his free kick goal which is 'physics defying flight'. His video became viral with over 2 million viewers and his name have been mentioned by almost all Malaysian social media users. He is a married guy to Norzawanis Hashim which is also 29 years old and blessed with two children, Akif Fayyadh and Muhammad Aqil Zayyan. Even his wif, 

Faiz Subri shows his interest in football since he was eight and used to play football among the paddy fields in his village. His dream was half fulfilled when he was selected to represent Kedah in President Cup at the age of 18. He then switched to play for a Perlis club side and represented Perlis in Piala Emas Raja-Raja 2009 before he moved to play with Perlis in early 2010. Then he signed one year contract with T-Team in 2012 season. 

A year after that, he left T-Team and signed a contract with Malaysia Super League top club where he score one goal against Vietnamese football club in the AFC Cup group stage match. A year later he joined Terengganu FA and in 2015 he moved again to Penang FA. He helped Penang to earn second place in 2015 Malaysia Premier League, and the team promoted to the 2016 Malaysian Super League. 

So in this Malaysian Super League , Faiz Subri scored an incredible free kick that went viral on social media and nominated the international award for the best goal of the year, Fifa Puskas Award. 

But, sadly Malaysian  is still Malaysian. Not even consider that everyone cannot be perfect on every side. Instead of being proud, some of Malaysian making fun of how bad his English that he use on his speech. Never cross in my mind to criticized him. Why? Because i think his wins and achievements do the talking. His glory is worth more than any English we know that he doesn't know. We did nothing to make the nation proud but this guy is now a world icon by his ability. 

So i think this is enough for today. 
For the next post, ill write about an earthquake that happen yesterday aroung 2pm Malaysia's time. 

p/s : any incorrect fact regarding Faiz Subri or serious grammar mistakes in this post, please kindly email alizanuraini@gmail.com. Ill correct them as soon as possible. 

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