Friday, 25 November 2011

i call myself a muslimah . but do i act like one ?

salam . hidup ni perlu penghijrahan . dari bad side kepada good side right ? yes , eventhough itu amatlah susah , tp we need to try isn't it ?

okayy , tu just intro .i am really upset of being myself . who knows right how bad am i ? phisycally , im okay . but inside ? no one knows . i am really bad . and i am really not qualified to be a muslimah . frankly speaking , yes , i am may too hipocrit to other people on earth . but , it comes out from my deep heart . i wanna changes . i wanna scream aloud to tell people that i need some support . cause i do not know a thing . definitely , i am new to this path of life . and desperately need the source to know the truth .

do i act like a muslimah ? i am not sure .

first , true muslimah will take a greatest care for her 'ibadah'
second, true muslimah will not speak non-official thing with boys .
third , true muslimah will not yelled when she need to face hard time .
fourth , true muslimah will face the hard time and not facebook it .
fifth , true muslimah will just cry for Allah and not for boys .
sixth , true muslimah will appear as REAL MUSLIMAH .

then , judge me . am i muslimah ? not right ?? so , please help me . and solve the unanswered thing inside my mind that keep puzzling my heart . ok . gtg . wassalam and take care .. Allah loves us .

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Wolly Woolie said...

Kak Liza ;)
Katy Perry taught us that : You're original; cannot be replaced.
Allah loves for who u are. Yes, for who u are.