Friday, 21 December 2012

Myself back then.

A girl who tend to commit suicide back then, 
A girl who swallowed a dozen of pills,
A girl who prefer to be alone and away from others.
A girl that lock herself in a shower room,
Letting the shower water flowing with her tears,

it just a story 
story that now become a history.

i've being too fragile back then,
not strong enough to stay alive,

i'm too tired.
tired of hoping,
tired of seeking,
tired of living.

times heal. suddenly comes help from somewhere i didn't expect at all.
It just comes to me when the world really knocks me down.
teach me how to be grateful of life,
show me the wonderful of life behind the sorrow.

Allah Allah Allah.
What more valueable than Taufiq and Hidayah?

i was amazed.
Even the life get harder and harder,
with friends that slowly leaving away,
and people who tend to against my new lifestyle,
theres some people who are still stay behind me,
supporting me, 
and said that 
"it just the way Allah make you strong."

Allah, i know that you hear me.
Allah, I know you see me.
Allah, i know you'll grant my every drop of tears.


Sabirah Hermosa said...

Assalamualaikum . I love this Islamic quote . May I share on my blog? Nice quote friend =)

aliza nuraini said...

@Sabirah Hermosa for sure ukhti . you can take everything from here. i'm glad :) btw, salam ukhuwah fillah :)

Sabirah Hermosa said...

ahlan ya sodiqati . Salam ukhuwah fillah aidhon . Jazakillah sebab bagi kebenaran =') I sent you a friend request on FB , I hope we could be friends there soon ^^