Monday, 11 March 2013

You getting closer to death.

For you that growing up,
hands up!
When your taubah's door was close up.

For you that getting older,
It become sooner,
For your times come closer.

and yet you still thinking what have you done in your life?

did you fulfill it with the right things?



..seeking for His pleasure..


you keep wasting your time with

unuseful things.
till your forget about,

wake up!
move on!

for you,
have a nice growing up,
Dont stop climbings up,
While the world still makes you up,
Don't wait till your eyes close up.

for you,
It may hard,
It may broke your heart,
But it worth to start,
To live well and smart.

for you,
I may be your friend, your bestfriend and sometimes 'motivator' rolled in one,
I may be  your best one in a bad one.
I may not be your first met one,
But I may be your last meet  one.

for you,
It may be broken English,
That i'm trying to make it stylish.

estelle | bintang

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